What is Love?


What is Love? This question must have popped up in your head or somewhere somehow. I asked my friends this question and I got amazing responses. Majority went religious and said God is Love. Well that is true, but who is God? Your answer will be Creator of all that exist, the almighty and so on, come to think of it, He created all things out of love isn’t it? So, the question now is what is Love? Some of my friends also attributed love to affection for mankind. All these are quite correct.

My curiosity led me to think deeper and source more for answers. Do we actually know and understand what Love really is? We draw love with the shape of the heart. We associate Love with the Heart, have you ever wondered why? Primates cannot live without the heart, take the heart away and its dead. Same applies to love, take love away and the world becomes a tomb. We are nothing without Love.

“Love is an element which though physically unseen is as real as air or water. It is an acting. living. Moving force it moves in waves and currents like those of the ocean.

Prentice Mulford (1834-1891)

Love has been spoken about and written about since the beginning of time, in every religion, and by every great thinker, philosopher, prophet, and leader. To love is much more than loving your family, friends, and favorite things, because love is not just a feeling: love is a positive force. Love is not weak, feeble, or soft. Love is the positive force of life! Love is the cause of everything positive and good. There are not a hundred different positive forces in life; there is only one which happen to be love. Forces such as Electromagnetism and Gravity are invisible but their power are indisputable, same is Love. Love in fact is far greater than any force in the universe. Without Love there is no Life.

Think about this, what will the world be without Love? You wont even exist if there was no Love, in fact, none of your friends or family will have been born, there would be no single human on this planet if there was no Love. If Love should cease today, all living things will be decrease and die out. People who fell out of Love are not alive to tell the tales as they have either shot themselves, drown themselves, poisoned themselves or done something to make sure they don’t exist anymore. Love is what keeps you alive, Love is what keeps you moving.  Love is not negative, it brings no conflict, sadness, pain, depression or any kind of discomfort, Love is calm, happy and wonderful.

All we are, use and adore today was a product of love by someone. Every single invention, discovery, and human creation came from the love in a human heart. If it were not for the love of the Wright Brothers, we could not fly in an airplane. If it were not for the love of scientists, inventors, and discoverers, we would not have electricity, heating, or light; nor would we be able to drive a car or use a phone, appliance, or any of the technology that makes life easier and more comfortable.

Without the love of architects and builders, there would be no homes, buildings, or cities. Without love, there would be no medicines, doctors, or emergency facilities. No teachers, schools, or education. There would be no books, no paintings, and no music, because all of these things are created from the positive force of love. Take a look around you right now. Whatever you see that is a human creation would not be there without love.

Everything you want to be, do, or have comes from love. If there was no positive force to propel you to get up in the morning, to work, play, dance, talk, learn, listen to music, or do anything at all, you’d be like a stone statue. Love is what moves you.

It is love that inspires you to move and gives you the desire to be, do, or have anything. Love can create anything good, increase the good things, and change anything negative in your life. You have the power over your health, your wealth, your career, your relationships, and every area of your life. And love is inside you! But if you have the power over your life, and that power is inside you, why isn’t your life amazing? Why isn’t every area of your life magnificent? Why don’t you have everything you want? Why haven’t you been able to do everything you want to do? Why aren’t you filled with joy every day?

The simple answer is: because you have a choice. You have a choice whether to love or not. And whether you realize it or not, every day of your life – every moment of your life – you have been making this choice. Every single time you experienced something good in your life, it all because of love. And every single time you experienced something not good, you didn’t love, and the result was negativity. Love is the cause of all the good things in your life, and a lack of love is the cause of all the negative things and all the pain and suffering. Tragically, a lack of knowledge and understanding of love is clear in people’s lives across the planet today.

Now that you are gaining the knowledge and getting enlightened, use love to change everything around you and live a happy fulfilled life.

But before you run off smiling and jumping cos you found love, you need to understand how love works. There is a law called the law of attraction, obviously you must have heard about this severally and might even know the law more than anyone on this planet but the simple question is, DO YOU APPLY THIS SIMPLE LAW?

This same force exhibited by the Sun is what keeps all the planet in place and keeps them from falling into space.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe, of course you might know that already. This law is what holds everything form the smallest to the greatest. This law is what holds all the stars in the universe and forms every atom and molecules. This same force exhibited by the Sun is what keeps all the planet in place and keeps them from falling into space. Gravity also exhibits this force and holds you and every person, animal, plants and minerals on earth.

Attraction is the force that draws people to other people.

Attraction is the force that draws people to other people. It draws people to form cities and nations, groups, clubs, and societies where they share common interests. It is the force that pulls one person to science and another to cooking; it pulls people to various sports or to different styles of music, to certain animals and pets. Attraction is the force that draws you to your favorite things and places, and it’s the force that draws you to your friends and the people you love. This force of attraction is Love. And the law of attraction is the law of Love.

Every action of giving creates an opposite action of receiving and what you receive is always equal to what you’ve given. Whatever you give out in life, must return to you. It is the physics and the mathematics of the universe. All the people, circumstances, and events that make up every moment of your life are being attracted back to you through the thoughts and feelings you’re giving out. Life doesn’t just happen to you; you receive everything in your life based on what you’ve given. Give help and support to a friend when he’s moving to a new house, and most surely that help and support will return to you with lightning speed. Give anger to a friend who let you down, and that anger will also return to you, clothed in the circumstances of your life.

You are creating your life with your thoughts and your feelings. Whatever you think and feel creates everything that happens to you and everything you experience in your life. If you think and feel, “I’ve got a difficult and stressful day today,” then you will attract back to you all people, circumstances, and events that will make your day difficult and stressful. If you think and feel, “Life is really good to me,” you will attract back to you all people, circumstances, and events that will make life really good for you.

Whatever you want in your life, you want it because you love it. Take a moment and think about it. You don’t want things you don’t love, do you? Every person only wants what they love; nobody wants what they don’t love. Most people think and talk about what they don’t love more than they think and talk about what they love. They give out more negativity than love, and in doing so they are inadvertently depriving themselves of all the good things in life.

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.”  Sophodes. (496-406 BC)

When you talk about any difficulties with money, a relationship, an illness, or even that the profits of your business are down, you are not talking about what you love. When you talk about a bad event in the news, or a person or situation that annoyed or frustrated you, you are not talking about what you love.

You can change your life, because you have an unlimited ability to think and talk about what you love, and so you have an unlimited ability to bring everything good in life to you.  However, the power you have is far greater than giving positive thoughts and words of the things you love, because the law of attraction is responding to your thoughts and your feelings. You have to feel love to harness its power!

 Now you have known what love is. Show love to your fellow human, attract positive things, take control of circumstances, give to the needy, help the young to grow, groom them and empower them. You can’t say, the person you helped today may happen to be your hero the next day, Lets Spread the love and make the world a better place.

 Be a part of the family who spread love and foster enterprising spirit admits African Youths. Let’s Encourage and Empower them as the kids and Youths of today will rule tomorrow and we all want a happy fulfilled life. If we empower and educate our Youths today then we ensure a well-shaped Future. Be Uneic.

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