About Us


We believe the Future is ours to Shape. The Youths of today are the future of tomorrow and shaping them should be a priority. We aim ensuring a bright future by fostering enterprising spirit amidst African youth thereby creating great entrepreneurs who will shape the economy.

We do not put aside morals and leadership as this is an integral part of making sure the future is fabulous. Teaching Morals and Leadership will help create modest, intelligent and competent leaders.

Our mission is to develop strong, intelligent and enterprising youths who will help ensure the future is paradise.


3457 Youths in 36 States



Moved by the alarming rate of unemployment coupled with crime rate in Africa, we asked, how will the future be if the present is left unchanged?. This thought brought about the birth of Uneic Foundation aimed at fostering enterprising spirit amidst African youths and teaching morals with leadership.

If almost all African youths are properly enlightened, trained and equipped, they will become job creators and not job seekers thereby reducing the rate of unemployment and putting and halt to crime.

The youths are the future, Lets Shape them together.



Timohty Ajayi


Timothy Ajayi

Founder & Chairperson

A creative thinker with a clear vision. A youth lover, a motivational speaker. A computer lover and a Programmer, fascinated by the  effectiveness of technology

He is a friendly, fun and caring person.


Perpetual Oladoja

Vice Chairperson

Parpetual Oladoja

Vice Chairperson

A mother , a mentor, a motivator. A woman with a big heart, passionate about the future of our youths.

A Computer Science Doctor, A bird Lover. Always welcoming and supportive.

aileen more

operations manager

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